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vienna - austria 

Vienna is the capital and largest city of Austria. It has recently been declared as the most liveable city in the world.


Apart from being regarded as the City of Music because of its musical legacy, Vienna is also said to be "The City of Dreams" because it was home to the world's first psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. The city's roots lie in early Celtic and Roman settlements that transformed into a Medieval and Baroque city, and then the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.


It is well known for having played an essential role as a leading European music centre, from the great age of Viennese Classicism through the early part of the 20th century. The historic centre of Vienna is rich in architectural ensembles, including Baroque castles and gardens, and the late-19th-century Ringstraße lined with grand buildings, monuments and parks.


A typical day in Vienna begins with breakfast in a traditional coffee house and ends late at night at a sausage stand. In between, you can visit the best-known sights of the city and enjoy the Viennese cuisine.

We have carefully selected a few of the best hotels in Vienna that will give you the comfort of a premium hotel plus the ideal location for sightseeing and to get to the padel courts. Now we have partnered 2 fantastic padel clubs with 8 outdoor courts and 9 indoor courts so we can enjoy Vienna in every season.

After breakfast, our staff will pick you up every day from the hotel to take you to have padel training sessions with our top qualified coaches. Later we will have organised lunch and a different daily activity. In the evening we put on our sports clothes again to show our local opponents what we learnt in the morning. 

Feeling like exploring more the city and playing less padel? Sounds good to us. 

Feeling like a siesta after that hard training session? Also great.

Everything that makes you enjoy the most is what we like the most.

If you would like to visit Vienna and play padel with us, just send us a quick enquiry with your details and we will give you a quote.

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