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The Maldives don't really need a presentation, but just in case you are not very familiar with them, here is a quick introduction: located on top of a vast underwater mountain range, have around 1190 islands and sandbanks. The pearl string like islands covers a land area of no less than 298 km2.  All the islands are encircled by a lagoon blessed with crystal clear water. These islands are protected by a reef structure, housing one of the most exclusive and spectacular underwater life.


The Maldives are where people come to experience island life at its most relaxed and most beautiful. Whether you’re criss-crossing coral reefs in a glass-bottomed boat, or dozing off in your private overwater bungalow, the chances of returning home disappointed are slim to none. And now, in addition to that, there is a resort with padel courts. Yes, you read correctly, padel courts in the Maldives!


Wether you are planning to go with your partner, family or a group of friends, both options are excellent. Just contact us and we will send you a quote with our special Padel Escapes rates.


Booking directly with us will always benefit you with discounts due to our special partnership.


The trip of your dreams is waiting for you.


If you checked out all the options and would like to get a quote on both resorts, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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