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marbella - spain  

Marbella, located in southern Spain, is famous for its internationally renowned and privileged climate. The annual average temperature is around 18.5º C, with 320 days of sunshine a year. Weather forecasts do not suggest any significant changes and the rain here does not usually exceed 50 days each year. 


This climate is due to its unique geographical situation, namely the mountains which surround Marbella, the Sierra Blanca and the Concha, visible from the entire area. Allied to the position of its coastal inlet, the effect is to shelter the town from the northern winds, allowing it to enjoy a special microclimate unique in the world and one which has become one of its great tourist attractions, combined with its night life, Michelin star restaurants and its endless leisure offer. 


That makes Marbella a great destination all year round. 

For our trips to Marbella we have partnered with Dani Dios, from Padel Trainer, to deliver together the coaching sessions in their fabulous facilities at Villa Padierna. A unique and exclusive place in the "Costa del Sol" with 11 padel courts,  tennis courts, crocket pitch, golf course and much more. 

We have carefully selected a few of the best hotels in Marbella that will give you the comfort of a premium hotel plus the ideal location for sightseeing and the proximity to the padel club. 

After breakfast, our staff will pick you up every day from the hotel to take you to have padel training sessions with our top qualified coaches. Later we will have organised lunch and a different daily activity. In the evening we put on our sports clothes again to show our local opponents what we learnt in the morning to then finish the day with a nice and well deserved dinner and wine. 

Feeling like going more to the beach and playing less padel? Sounds good to us. 

Feeling like a siesta after that hard training session? Also great.

Everything that makes you enjoy the most is what we like the most.

If you would like to visit Marbella and play padel with us, just send us a quick enquiry with your details and we will give you a quote. 


Also check out our current deals where you might find a nice package on specific dates. 

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