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Tenerife is the largest and most populous island of the Canary Islands. Approximately 5 million tourists visit the island each year, being one of the most important tourists destinations in Spain and the world. 


Filled with endless beaches and cliffs all around the island, you could choose multiple areas to visit. 

Our base is in the south of the island. Specifically in the luxurious Abama Resort.


Abama Resort Tenerife is an exclusive 400-acre vacation and residential destination offering Michelin-star dining and world-class service to those who prefer tranquillity over fanfare. And with the majority of their terrain dedicated to luxury properties, this is an ideal place to live or visit. Undisturbed beach, sumptuous spa and year-round springtime climate provide a welcome retreat just a few travel hours from most major European cities.

The Resort also has a wonderful Tennis academy, boasting 4 padel courts, where we do our trainings and evening matches. 

Excursions to the Teide (fourth highest volcano in the world and highest mountain in Spain) and whale and dolphin watching on a boat trip are a must of this trip. 

Feeling like going more to the beach and playing less padel? Sounds good to us. 

Feeling like a siesta after that hard training session? Also great.

Everything that makes you enjoy the most is what we like the most.

If you would like to visit Tenerife and play padel with us, just send us a quick enquiry with your details and we will give you a quote. 


Also check out our current deals where you might find a nice package on specific dates. 

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Overview Hotel Las Terrazas Suites & Golf
19-5-21 Terraza Suite 3 dormitorio 103-7
19-5-21 Salon Suite 2 dormitorios 205 - 1
Abama Beach
Pool Nº 2
DSC_8374 def
26-5-21_Terraza Restaurante Melvin 4
Dormitorio principal Suite 3 habitaciones 103- 1
2 bed suite -Kitchen area
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