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Jose Landeta

founder & Head coach

Qualified Padel Coach Level 3 by the British Padel Association, recognised by the FIP (International Padel Federation). Currently in charge of the official Padel Coaching Qualifications for the Austrian Padel Union.

Spanish, although born in Argentina, coaching in London the last 6 years and now based in Vienna, being the Head Coach of the biggest padel club in central Europe (Padeldome). Jose combines his padel network all around the world and all the knowledge about the game gathered since he started playing at the age of 6 years old to deliver the best possible experience for his customers.

"After many years dedicated to play and coach padel in Spain and in London, where you get to meet people from all around the globe, I saw the growth of padel in different countries. I had the opportunity to visit some of them, and the experience was so gratifying that I wanted to share it with everyone. Going abroad to play your favourite sport, discover new places, meet new players and experiencing new cultures all at the same time? It doesn't get better than that! And that's how Padel Escapes was born.


It all started with an idea, a lot of energy and a true passion for two things: TRAVELLING & PADEL. Are you in?"

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